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Oct 10

“Instantly recognizable from the sickly sweet, burned-leaf smell that wafts out onto the street, the Netherlands’ world-renowned ‘coffee shops’ are almost as common as supermarkets in big cities” — Dutch fear threat to liberalism in “soft drugs” curbs

Sep 22

“The film, about a trio of university parapsychologists who begin a ghost eradication business after losing their grant — and find themselves saving the world…” — "Ghostbusters" returning to theaters for limited run

Sep 21

“Renovating older buildings is pricey, but so is demolition.” — Big chains and government target food deserts

Unnecessary Journalism Phrases: 15. For All Intents and Purposes - 9/21/11 -


And though they’d released their debut album in 1989, for all intents and purposes, Nirvana’s story really began with Nevermind, which, though it may seem incomprehensible to anyone who lived during the halcyon days of 1991, turns 20 on Saturday.”

MTV: Nirvana’s Rise To Fame, In Their…

Kindred spirits, us.

Sep 19

“The Postal Service relies on revenue from stamps, packages and other services” — Obama’s Postal Service plan would cut Saturday mail

“Whether you’re in the boardroom or standing around the water cooler, how you dress influences how people perceive you.” — Dress down Friday gets a makeover

Sep 16

“Twitter, whose microblogging service allows users to broadcast short, 140-character messages, or “tweets,” to groups of “followers.”” — Twitter’s board loses two early investors

“McCartney’s partnership with John Lennon in The Beatles in 1960s Britain produced some of the most famous and enduring pop songs of the past 50 years.” — Paul McCartney posts wedding banns in London

“Gumby, a green humanoid figure who looks like an elastic stick of gum with limbs, was created in the 1950s by the late Art Clokey and his wife, Ruth.” — Gumby attempted robbery suspect surrenders to San Diego police

“A Fudgesicle is a frozen, ice cream-like snack.” — Nicolas Cage awoken by naked man with Fudgesicle